The Dugout

5707 W Morris
Indianapolis, IN 46241

The store offers a large catalog of sports cards and related memorabilia for football, hockey, basketball and baseball. Drop by to see for yourself. The store is located in Indianapolis, IN at 5707 W Morris. Also sells TCGs like Magic and Vanguard.


If you've shopped at The Dugout, tell us what you think of the store.

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Bought some nice cards there decent prices. Very nice people. Great Yu-gi-oh select. Overall very nice and helpful people.

-- Nexa D.

To be honest it is nice, clean, friendly owners, but what a like most is that I can find everything that I need for really cheap price.

-- jose cruz

This place is hit and miss. If you're looking for a place to participate in various Magic the Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh! tournaments, this is your place. It is a friendly atmosphere. If you're looking for a place to sell your trading cards or buy new ones, you might stick to the internet or find another location. All in all, this is a fun place to go.

-- Sam S.

Don't listen to Jonathan. The dugout is the best card shop I have been through. They have great service. Trevor had the right idea.

-- max

Great place for couponers to get their vinyl coupon binder pages! Go see Jamie.

-- Lori Howe

The dugout has a great selection of cards, Very nice service, great Yugioh tournaments, and a nice snack bar. I highly recommend this card shop. Even an Xbox, for when the tournament is over.

-- Trevor smiley

Great Ownership, friendly where my son and I have enjoyed playing YUGIOH tournaments there. I've found that they are willing to deal, and seem to be fair on their card prices.

-- William Carson

they buy cards for cheap, then over price them, honest its one of the worst card shops i have ever been in, i highly recommend NEVER going to this card shop

-- Jonathon Roberts

Friendly, helpful service...nice clean shop...awesome pricing! Great place to shop for special requests.

-- wendy sanders

Dude that place is awesome, I will definitely be coming back.

-- mdwz

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