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Spencer Sports Cards and Comics
(712) 240-1952
Spencer, Iowa 51301

Timeless Treasures & Collectibles
(361) 903-8958
Corpus Christi, Texas 78418

M&M Sportscards and Collectibles
(812) 343-3352
Columbus, Indiana 47203

Instant Replay Sports Cards
Panama City, Florida 32401

Jackson's Sports Cards
Scottsboro, Alabama 35768

New store reviews

Triple Play Sports Cards, Ohio

Previous post is pretty accurate -- been in 3 times now and dropped $100-plus each time -- not very friendly and was ignored until I walked up to the cash register to check out. Also prices changed from one week to the next on the same product -- bought a box for one price and it was 10 bucks more the next week when i went back to get more. -- jd

Triple Cards and Collectibles, Texas

Obviously CardHound had never been to most of the other card shops in the area. They have the lowest prices by a long shot. They aren't very helpful though. But finding deals is pretty easy. -- Newbie

Affordable Cards, California

Very good condition comics! I'm not a collector, but I am a fan of Michael Turner's Fathom and other Aspen comics. I've been here a couple of times for different occasions: Once was for a 90's Top Cow issue of Witchblade by Turner, Silvestri, D-tron, -2.99 at a way better condition than other places, where it was a dollar more; Once for IDW's Hack/Slash: My First Maniac release both original and variant cover 1st editions, which they ordered for me after selling out in store, and a couple of times for some general stuff: bags/boards, binders, and card sleeves. Everyone there is very nice and the store has a good customer base, I know two other people that go there for comics and they like the place. I do too! I'll be coming back whenever I can spend some more disposable income! Support the industry! Comics are art! -- G.S.

Sports Card Central, Michigan

I went there for my first time and best store ever!!!!! i GOT 7 SWEET CARDS FOR LIKE 5 OR 6 bucks!! I gonna keep going there forever. They have the coolest things there! -- Andrew R

Main Street Sport Cards, Vermont

This is the only place I buy my MTG boosters, the price is fair and the guy who runs it is a very down-to-earth, nice person. -- Josh S.

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