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MM7 Sportscards
(405) 658-2114
Moore, Oklahoma 73160

Sports Fanz
Hurricane, West Virginia 25526

Blackout Sports Collectibles
(757) 940-9155
Newport News, Virginia 23601

Bodega Cards
(973) 449-1682
Jersey City, New Jersey 07307

Line Drive Sports Cards and Memorabilia
(276) 224-3047
Collinsville, Virginia 24078

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Triple Play Sports Cards, Ohio

Previous post is pretty accurate -- been in 3 times now and dropped $100-plus each time -- not very friendly and was ignored until I walked up to the cash register to check out. Also prices changed from one week to the next on the same product -- bought a box for one price and it was 10 bucks more the next week when i went back to get more. -- jd

Triple Cards and Collectibles, Texas

Obviously CardHound had never been to most of the other card shops in the area. They have the lowest prices by a long shot. They aren't very helpful though. But finding deals is pretty easy. -- Newbie

Affordable Cards, California

Very good condition comics! I'm not a collector, but I am a fan of Michael Turner's Fathom and other Aspen comics. I've been here a couple of times for different occasions: Once was for a 90's Top Cow issue of Witchblade by Turner, Silvestri, D-tron, -2.99 at a way better condition than other places, where it was a dollar more; Once for IDW's Hack/Slash: My First Maniac release both original and variant cover 1st editions, which they ordered for me after selling out in store, and a couple of times for some general stuff: bags/boards, binders, and card sleeves. Everyone there is very nice and the store has a good customer base, I know two other people that go there for comics and they like the place. I do too! I'll be coming back whenever I can spend some more disposable income! Support the industry! Comics are art! -- G.S.

Sports Card Central, Michigan

I went there for my first time and best store ever!!!!! i GOT 7 SWEET CARDS FOR LIKE 5 OR 6 bucks!! I gonna keep going there forever. They have the coolest things there! -- Andrew R

Main Street Sport Cards, Vermont

This is the only place I buy my MTG boosters, the price is fair and the guy who runs it is a very down-to-earth, nice person. -- Josh S.

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