Sports Cards Plus

2239 Lockhill Selma
San Antonio, TX 78230
Web site: Link
Email: SportsCardsPlus2239 at yahoo dot com

This San Antonio sports card store is located at 2239 Lockhill Selma. The store sells San Antonio's largest selection of sports cards and related memorabilia for baseball, football, basketball and hockey. Come in and take a look.


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Best card store in Texas. All kinds of products at good prices. Drawings and contests to win over $1000. Gives customers 100% trade-in value for cards pulled from his shop. Luckiest Card Shop ever. Shop owner was very helpful and gave me lots of good advice. Beckett Grading does in-store grading here about four times a year and offers big discounts for his customers.

-- Joseph Regalado

Sorry Greg did not have a pleasent experience at ANY CARD STORE in San Antonio. I will give the best offer for vintage cards (prior to 1980), however, my policy is to only buy and trade modern cards with loyal customers who also buy from me. If someone who is not a loyal customer pushes me to buy cards I don't want, I offer less than 30% of the Beckett Price Guide like all other card stores. Sorry he misstook my watching him to see if he needed assistance with watching him like he was a going to steal. Please check out and my facebook for happy customers.

-- Charlie DiPietro, Owner Sports Cards Plus

It is like a kid in a candy store alright!... if the candy was all made by Armani. With the ridiculis price tags! If you want to sell somthing he will hit you so low you wanna throw up, and then he will tell you "I'm just gonna sell it, I'm not looking to hold on to it". but when he sells it he puts a note on the damn cards "NO DISCOUNT"! He wants full pop but wont offer you half of what a card is worth he wants to offer you like 10% of what its worth. Oh and dont think your gonna get to look around confortably he watches everybody like you gonna steal everything,follows you and just stares at you, he does not even make conversation. He must have a lot of guys who are just forced to buy there cuase of the selection?(you know there are two other major card shops in town right?) I have been here a few of times and all experiances have been bad!

-- Greg Esparza

Awesome Owner Helped me find what I was looking for!!! Most Bang for your Buck

-- Dwight Fraser

Awesome store, great owner, very fair and honest.

-- Joseph Guzman

Like a kid in a candy store....HUGE selection while providing great value and savings for that perfect card.


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